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Khumbula Thina Trust (SA)

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Update: November 2, 2011

The Morgan Messenger

                                           “South African Wildlife Sanctuary”- Page 1, Page 2

Update: June 26, 2011

At the request of screenwriters from the US, Britain and Europe Fleur has been requested to produce a Script detailing her life story dating back to her British boarding school days – through to her United States’ flying career which culminated with her training at United Airlines, Denver, Colorado as the first woman pilot/engineer on the Jumbo Jet – to her life in Washington DC  - and to her latest years in the Southern African bush in The Kingdom of the Zulu,  where she has formed Khumbula Thina Trust Mountain Sanctuary & Wildlife Refuge.   It is anticipated that the Refuge is soon to become a World Heritage Site.

Update: March 5, 2011

Newspapers - Independent        

                                                   “True Grit - South African Style” - Page 1, page 2.


September 2009         “

                               Zululand Observer “Khumbula Thina Killing Fields”


December 9, 2007

Click here to open a .pdf file containing an article on Fleur from April 1997, which appeard in The Captiva Sanibel Chronicle.

May 22, 2007

After seven years of tracking, chasing and finally ambushing we have finally apprehended one of the Sanctuary's worst enemies, the "Green Overall Poacher".

Click here to see the pictures of his capture.

May 23, 2007

Just to show you how much we have to work with, above and beyond everything else, here is a rough sketch of just our watering system. A daily and unending task. The main pump at the river pumps up five kilometers of 35 bars (extremely uphill climb). The system includes approx. 35 kilometers of piping.

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