Khumbula Thina Trust (USA)
Copyright 1998

Khumbula Thina Trust (SA)

Copyright 1998

Our Mission


The needs in Africa seem overwhelming, but solutions are being implemented by the Khumbula Thina Trust on several levels.

The Land......

       To Reclaim Wilderness Areas
       Success in any wildlife preserve requires expanding controlled land on an eco                -system scale for existing and expanding wildlife.


It's People......

       To Ensure Development of Local Communities through

           Environmental and Wildlife Education

             One cannot successfully save threatened animals long-term

             without the support and well-being of the local people; poaching                   cannot be an attractive economic alternative.


It's Wild......

       To Ensure and Establish Survival of Rare, Threatened and Endangered

             Wildlife Species through Protection, Re-location and Re-introduction

             Success requires an integrated approach involving natural resources                  and people; short term we save threatened species.



*In the Zulu Kingdom Water is as important as Land for the People and the Wildlife; our major project is creating a Water System.

Every donation to our USA 501[C]3 Private Operating Foundation has a direct impact on the problems we face.

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